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Have you ever wanted to sing with the Hickory Choral Society?  Review the latest audition and singer information below:

Audition Requirements and Singer information

Audition Date  New Singer Auditions for the HCS are traditionally held the third Monday in May each year; a second audition may also be scheduled in August.

Dates will be posted as they are scheduled.

                                                Call or email the HCS Office for audition dates and to schedule an audition time

                                                828-322-2210 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Audition Requirement   Auditions will be judged by the HCS conductor and our two assistant conductors

                                                                Audition music is selected by HCS conductor

                                                                Sight reading of choral music is required

                                                                Music and accompaniment provided by HCS

                Re-audition        Each section (soprano, alto, bass and tenor) is re-auditioned every three years by an outside consultant

                Attendance        There is a strict attendance policy with a certain amount of allowed absences prior to concerts.

                                                Make-up rehearsals are scheduled to help with unexpected absences

                Cost       Annual Dues - $50

                                Retreat (Optional and dues are waived if all rehearsals at retreat are attended)

                                Performance Attire

                Performance Attire         Men – traditional tuxedo

                                                           Women – performance dress ordered through HCS office


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The Hickory Choral Society is a Funded Affiliate of the United Arts Council of Catawba County.